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WHI-FI  Health Education

Prison class - Health seminar

Surprisingly, women in prison don’t have access to basic health information and often have health problems that could have been prevented. Women’s Health Initiative for the Incarcerated (WHI-FI) was the brainchild of Jessica Hardy of the Alabama Department of Public Health’s (ADPH) Office on Women’s Health and Aid to Inmate Mothers (AIM).

Hardy developed the program after discovering that there are women in prison with problems such as cancer and diabetes who don’t know the symptoms to watch for or prevention techniques.

WHI-FI holds monthly workshops at the two main prisons in the Montgomery area, Tutwiler and the Montgomery Women’s Facility, and quarterly at the Birmingham Work Release.

Health Workshop topics include:

- HIV/STD Prevention
- Birth Control options
- Breast Cancer
- Heart Health/Blood Pressure
- Diabetes
- Fetal Alcohol syndrome
- Pre-natal class
- Healthy pregnancy
- Exercise and nutrition

AIM has also been involved in starting a pilot program designed to give women leaving prison access to health care when they return home. This second phase of the program also makes appointments for the women at the county health departments for annual exams. Currently, the second phase of the program includes three counties: Montgomery, Madison and Calhoun counties.

How you can help

This program is partly funded by the Urban Initiative on Reproductive Health but also relies on donor support. By donating to AIM, you can help educate these women on healthy living and help to prevent chronic illness in this underserved population.