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Positive Living

Picture from Positive Living

Our Positive Living program serves incarcerated women living with HIV/AIDS in Alabama's state prison. Inmates living with HIV are kept in a segregated dorm, apart from the rest of the population; amounting to involuntary disclosure to the rest of the population, which often creates self-confidence and interpersonal problems with other inmates. Many of them receive their diagnosis shortly after arriving in prison, often finding out after they are in a segregated cell from the person housed next to them. 

How do we help

  • -Weekly HIV Secondary Prevention Classes teaches them about transmission, self-care, the importance of adherence, and the latest news about treatment advances.
  • -Quarterly classes for the general population; planned and facilitated by women inmates living with HIV to increase knowledge and sensitivity towards those living with HIV.
  • -Supportive counseling for the newly diagnosed.
  • -VOICES classes; teaching condom negotiation skills
  • -SISTA classes; self-esteem classes
  • -Individual case management and home plans developed for those leaving prison.
  • -Follow-up and reentry assistance to help participants link with social services and clinics, encourage adherence, and help address other issues that might cause them to stop their treatment and/or relapse into unhealthy lifestyles.
  • -Peer counselors contact them to provide supportive counseling and additional help to connect them with services.

How you can help

This program is partly funded by ViiV Healthcare, but it also relies on donor support. By donating to AIM, you can help provide much-needed education, support, and counseling to HIV+ women in Alabama's prisons.