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Clothing Closet

Walking out of prison in ill fitting clothing is demoralizing - many wonder what they will do to find someone to help them collect a few pieces of clothing that actually fit. Most women lack the most basic supplies when they return home. In order to look for a job, it is essential that the women have an outfit that will help them land that first job - and basic clothing to wear to work. AIM has set up a small clothes closet in the office, and accepts donations of clean gently used clothing.


Clothing of all types from suits to jeans and shorts are always needed. We always have a shortage of large sizes. You can also donate:

  • - New underclothes in all sizes
  • - Basic hygiene items
  • - ¬†Cloth suitcases and sports bags in good repair
  • - Purses and wallets
  • - Costume jewelry
  • - Makeup
  • - Hair gel and perms¬†
  • - Small gift cards to Wal-Mart

To donate clothing, contact us at 334-262-2245 or carol@inmatemoms.org. Unfortunately, we are not able to pick up donations.