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How Your Gift Helps

Inmate mom and family

When you donate to Aid to Inmate Mothers, your gift will directly impact the lives of children and their mothers.

Your generous donation will help with:

  • - New children books for the Storybook Program
  • - School supplies and uniforms for children, giving them confidence at school
  • - Birthday gifts to help the children feel loved
  • - Photo supplies to take pictures and print them at AIM Visitation so both Mother and child leave with a photo.
  • - A year of visitation for the child, which helps them maintain a relationship with their mother
  • - Postage to send recordings and books to children, comforting them with their mothers’ voices
  • - Interactive toys that the children and their mothers can play with during visitation
  • - Glasses or dental repairs for women in our transitional home.
  • - Hygiene supplies for women leaving prison, giving them self esteem
  • -New packs of underwear (all sizes needed) and bras (all sizes needed).
  • - Bus passes for women in our transitional housing

Please make your tax-free donation now to provide comfort and support for these families. Every dollar makes a difference in their lives!