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Meet our Staff

Carol Potok, Executive Director

Carol brings 30 years of professional experience in social work; primarily in jobs serving the poor. Carol has a heart for the plight of people with no voice and a deep compassion for children in need. She came on board with AIM in 1997 as Director, and has expanded the program to include reentry training for the women, and include more outreach to children. She is also fluent in Spanish.


Larnetta Moncrief, Deputy Director, Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, Larnetta joined the staff as Program Coordinator in 1997 and was given the additional title of Deputy Director in 2006. For nearly 15 years, Larnetta has coordinated the children’s programs for AIM and brings her magnetic personality, strong ethics and passionate heart for children to the agency.

Donna Owens Collins, Reentry Coordinator

A recent Social Work graduate of University of Alabama, Donna joined the staff after completing an internship with AIM. She is originally from Tuscaloosa, and served 4 years in the military before attending school and settling in the Montgomery area with her husband. Donna coordinates the Project Reconnect program in the prisons, the WHI FI program, and oversees our new transitional house.